Since 2019

<p>Located away from the trade winds of Essaouira, on the road to Sidi Kaouki - surfer's paradise still preserved - Riad Sanam opens its doors.</p> <p>Nestled in the heart of the Berber countryside, the estate has seven rooms with all the comforts for a perfect stay in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.</p> <p>Renovated in respect of the Moorish craftsmanship and offering a lush outdoor space and a swimming pool, it will be an oasis of well-being for travelers staying.</p> <p>Its table of hosts, proposing a local kitchen but nevertheless elaborated with taste will only refine the frame of this haven of peace.</p> <p>The Riad Sanam will be the perfect place for nature lovers, offering a multitude of walks in the countryside, the center of Berber rural life and its argan trees.</p> <p><b><i>Only 15 minutes from the haunting and historically cultural port city, its authentic medina, its beaches and its famous Golf, the location of the establishment will only perfect its living environment. </i></b></p>

The philosophy of the house

Here are a few standards that ensure an experience you’ve never had before.
1. Mutual respect.
Our philosophy is based on mutual respect between travelers and their guests. Respect for the environment and people living nearby. The Berber people are humble and smiling, wanting to share everything they can. The joy of giving and receiving is also part of the journey. We foster contact with our guests through dialogue, openness, understanding and mutual respect.
2. Calm and tranquility
Nestled in the heart of the Berber countryside and its argan trees, the Riad is an ideal place for those who wish to relax in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, lulled by the song of birds. You can also relax deeply by receiving a Reiki session, harmonizing your body and mind. In the evening, a beautiful starry sky makes this place magical. It offers a spectacular view of the Milky Way. If you want to stay in a harmonious place with character and soul, Riad Sanam is for you.
3. Friendly atmosphere
At Riad Sanam, we assure you a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere where you will feel "at home". A harmonious atmosphere is the secret to feeling good. For us, this point is one of the most important: A friendly and warm atmosphere for a successful stay.
4. Market Cuisine
Your well being and your health are important to us. That's why we offer always fresh products: A market cuisine according to arrival. We develop a traditional kitchen, tasty and unpretentious. Our menu consists mainly of grilled fish and meat, salads and fresh vegetables. Of course, you can also enjoy typical Moroccan cuisine: various tajines of meat, fish or vegetarian, couscous or sweet and savory dishes. At the time of taste, by the pool or in the garden, we will offer some pastries or homemade pancakes.Hygiene is something that can not be compromised. That's why we assure you an impeccable cleanliness.