Fields of Argan Trees

A seaside resort in a natural setti

The untamed beauty of the city once known as Mogador will amaze you in more ways than one. Argan trees, cedars, Norfolk pines and other evergreens blanket nearly half the province of Essaouira, which is one of the most densely wooded regions in the kingdom. To preserve this protected ecosystem comprising forests, dunes, lakes, ocean and undeveloped coastline, a sustainable tourism industry that honors the environment has been emerging in recent years.

To meet the corresponding standards, the Mogador Islands across from the port from Essaouira have been transformed into a nature reserve. They are now a sanctuary for Eleonora’s falcons, seagulls and other birds. 

The islands also protect the bay and the unsurpassed find sandy beaches of Essaouira from the Atlantic’s mighty waves.

With beaches such as Chicht, Sidi Kaouki, Azrou and Tafedna, anyone who likes swimming, camel-back riding or water sports will get their fill of fun.

When you come to the province, take time to see the only certified organic winemaking estate in Morocco, the Val d’Argan vineyards, which are nestled in the hollow of a small valley in the shade of argan trees and olive trees.

Proof that in Essaouira, you can immerse yourself in nature, too.