What is Reiki



Reiki means “universal vital energy”.

The word comes from the Japanese REI: universal energy, the one that surrounds us. And KI: vital energy, the one that is present in us, in all living beings. It is a Japanese technique of natural healing by laying on of hands, acting on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

The purpose of Reiki is to restore inner harmony. It promotes relaxation, helps the body’s natural healing processes and develops emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It helps people cope with difficulties, relieves emotional stress and improves overall well-being.



Reiki helps to untie energetic contractures by uniting body and mind. Gradually, the liberating effect of the practice brings the person into a very deep relaxation, allowing him to relax naturally. The practitioner transmits the reiki energy that flows throughout the body of the recipient and spontaneously goes to the parts that need it to relieve, re-harmonize and revitalize the person. Universal energy does not cure, it is the person who cures himself. She does not care, heal is the work of medicine. We give energy to the body that will have to manage it for the purpose of a better being. It is therefore impossible to modify a medical treatment or to contradict an official diagnosis. Effects of Reiki treatment: Increases energy and inner strength. Strengthen the immune system. Relieves tension and anxiety Liberate and rebalance the emotions. Bring calm, inner peace and well-being …




It is accessible to all: Adults, children of all ages, animals, plants, ect … To all living beings. Those who wish to undertake a personal and therapeutic approach. Those who seek to evolve more effectively and harmoniously. It is especially indicated for depressed people, tired, sick, convalescents. Being a practice based on the natural functioning of the human being, the Reiki sessions are intended for all those wishing to find or regain their comfort of life, in respect of their culture and their personal convictions. This practice is accessible to all, since we all transmit the universal vital energy, more or less developed.


Everyday life today causes anarchy, and disperses energy. This waste of energy is caused by our food, pollution, stress etc … To resist, we tend to tap into our reserves without taking the time to recharge. Little by little, the energy circuits undergo blockages which cause disequilibrium. The goal of Reiki is to release the available energy to better use it and allow the body to recharge its batteries. Reiki rebalances all the subtle currents of being. It helps the body develop its own faculties of self-reliance and restores harmony. It also has a liberating action on the mind that tends to accumulate negative thoughts. Reiki unquestionably purifies our mental environment. Modern medicine only deals with the physical body, whereas Reiki deals with all of the body. It is a holistic healing method and helps the process of self-healing in all aspects of being: it acts on the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. It acts on several levels and several areas can be treated.

Domains treated by Reiki

Physical level care:

– To increase your self healing abilities, increase your strength, your physical strength and strengthen your immune system.

– To treat insomnia, tiredness or physical exhaustion.

– To dispel your blockages by the release of retained energy.

– To eliminate your addictive behaviors and replace them with healthy behaviors.

– To fight the physical pain.

Care at the mental – psychological level:

– To treat depressions, stress, anxieties, fears.

– For an acceptance of you and others.  

– To combat ruminations and mental agitation, to increase concentration and motivation.  

– To help you take control of yourself and deal with internal conflicts.

– To develop your discernment, your concentration, your memory and insight.

Care for personal development:

– For a self-acceptance and to learn to love you as you are.

– To develop oral and creative communication.

– To learn how to manage your priorities or make a decision.

– To restore your self-confidence and reach your goals.

– For more peace, serenity, accept the trials of life.

– To increase your generosity, respect for others, forgiveness etc …

Care for a better being

– To stimulate and increase your energy.

– To increase a joy of living and your vitality.

– To develop your dynamism and enthusiasm in all circumstances.

– To eliminate obstacles that prevent you from realizing yourself.

– To help you find and accept you.

– To free you from the feeling of inferiority.

– To eliminate the energies of violence or sadness that are in you.

– To help you think, speak and act positively.

Relational care:

– To harmonize family and professional relationships.

– To amplify self-love and open up to the best of others.

– To face the fear of the unknown, is afraid of the look of the other.

– To free you from the feeling of loneliness and shyness.

– To heal your heart wounds or a troubled relationship.

– To develop and improve your communication.

– To increase your sociability, your openness and to others, your indulgence and tolerance.

Care regarding the weight of the past:

– To deal with past events or past lives and deliver yourself from a heavy past.

– To overcome the trials of the past and your suffering.  

– To cure childhood abuse or repressed feelings of childhood: a lack of true love, feelings of injustice, feelings of guilt, rejection or abandonment, naivety, vulnerability, frustration, jealousy, shame, hatred, suspicion, selfishness, arrogance, bitterness, pride, envy etc …

Spiritual care:

– To open oneself to an awareness and an inner peace.

– To neutralize negative emotions.

– To awaken your understanding of universal laws and increase your intuition.

– To develop the impersonal vision of the soul and to promote meditation.