Reiki Sessions


The session always begins with a dialogue between the patient and the therapist. Every illness has its emotional sources and it is possible to detect evils through words. The patient lies comfortably on the fully dressed dressing table. He removes only his shoes, his glasses and the metal objects. He closes his eyes and relaxes, ready to receive the Reiki Energy. The practitioner’s hands move from head to toe, over the physical body, to transmit energy. The session lasts between 1h and 1h30. After the treatment, the therapist and the receiver make a bi on the progress of the meeting. It is important to always listen to your patient. After treatment, while his emotional and mental state is harmonized, he usually needs to speak and express himself. During the session, the receiver must not control anything. The more he is mentally and muscularly relaxed, the more the effects of Reiki will be beneficial. The patient must not be waiting for a precise improvement because the energetic blockages will naturally break. The energy has its own intelligence and automatically moves to the areas that need it most.

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Initial treatment

In order to obtain an effective basic treatment, it is advisable to receive several Reiki treatments over a relatively short period of time. We usually start with 4 sessions over a space-time of 4 to 8 days, which allows the energy to recirculate more fluidly throughout the body. A well-being is often felt at the first session but the following 3 are necessary to allow the body to rebalance in its entirety. During the first session, Reiki will fill the energy gap installed in the different parts of the body, unbalanced over time by diseases and periods of stress. This first contact with energy immediately gives a feeling of well-being. Once the energy gap is filled, the energy leads to the cleaning and elimination of accumulated toxins that will be via the body fluids. During the second session, once the body is “cleansed”, Reiki chooses a target that needs to be treated more urgently. The energy then goes to the source, the cause of the pain and the imbalance, and not only to the symptoms.

During the third session, depending on the nature of the imbalance, the recipient may experience a “healing crisis”, common to all natural therapies manifested as an increase in symptoms, except in the case of acute illness. After two or three days at most, this healing crisis disappears and the “self-healing process” is triggered. During the fourth session, energy recirculates and rebalances in the patient’s body, and in his entire being. Reiki is a gentle therapy that allows deep care, body and mind in all its entirety. Even if a session brings well being and appeasement, it is not possible to heal in one hour disorders rooted for years. That’s why we recommend an initial treatment of four sessions. Thereafter, we space care, always taking into account the desires of the recipient. However, it is possible to receive a single session that will bring relaxation, well-being, relaxation, and soothing.

Energy support:

After intensive treatment, it is very important to maintain well-being regained. Depending on the patient’s choice, maintenance sessions will help to maintain a physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki accompanies you in all the stages of your life: professional activity, project, disease, harmonization of the body and the spirit. It does not replace in any case a medical treatment but completes it perfectly.

Reiki Sessions At Riad Sanam

Harmony of body and mind.

Energy care by laying on of hands.

Nathalie Montoya

Reiki Master

Therapist Reiki Usui and Karuna


One hour and a half session: 350 dirhams

Background treatment

Package 4 sessions: 1200 dirhams